Release Notes


  1. Improved Data Indexing Capacity: we've optimized the data indexing process for new users, ensuring that they can claim their badge right after onboarding. With faster indexing, users can now seamlessly dive into the Okapi experience from the get-go.

  2. Enhanced Privacy for Level 0 Users: In response to valuable feedback from our Level 0 users, we've removed the requirement to bind social accounts for Level 0 tasks.


  1. Degen Score Generation: users can generate their very own Degen Score based on their NFT minting activity. Find your Degen Score proudly displayed on both your My Badges page and Personal Homepage, highlighting your web3 experiences.

  2. Boost Parameter for Reviews: We're revolutionizing content curation with the introduction of the Boost parameter. This new addition, calculated as the combined result of upvotes and user Degen Score, will be prominently showcased on each review card.

  3. Email Login: It allows user to create an Okapi account with a verified email.

  4. Updated Onboarding: Our updated onboarding steps allow new user to quickly learn about the platform and start to perform and contribute.

  5. NFT Leaderboard: User can discover their position in NFT minting leaderboard on each chain supported by Okapi.


  1. Painless dApp submission workflow: We have developed a beautiful user interface that makes it easy for any Okapi user to submit new dapp listings. You don't need to be part of the team, just follow a few simple steps.

  2. Multi-chain reputation badge minting: We have expanded reputation badge minting to multiple chains, including Scroll. On the "My Badge" page, you can now choose the chain on which you want to mint your badges. Stay tuned, as more chains will be added soon.


  1. Expanded Leaderboards: We've added leaderboards for "Popular Content Creators," "Most Followers," and "Invites."

  2. Scroll Ecosystem Integration: We completed integration with Scroll Network, allowing user to explore Scroll ecosystem on Okapi.

  3. Solana Wallet Integration: Seamlessly connect Solana wallet directly on the "My Profile" page.

  4. Badge Updates: When user edit a review, any newly generated badges will automatically be added to the review.

  5. Improved "For You" Section: We've revamped the "For You" section to enhance the content discovery experience on our platform, making it easier for user to find the latest and most relevant posts.


  1. Mint Your Okapi Badge as NFT: You can now mint your Okapi badge as an NFT! This feature allows you to bring your reputation onto the blockchain, making it more secure and verifiable. Showcase your achievements and contributions in the world of crypto with an NFT badge.

  2. Upvote Replies: We've listened to our user feedback, and we're thrilled to announce that you can now upvote replies! Engage with the community by showing your appreciation for valuable insights and comments.


  1. Further Integration with Privy for Okapi Wallet: Users are able to export private key for their Okapi Wallet and withdraw funds from Okapi interface now.

  2. Added “Campaign” page: We've added a campaign page to feature live review and badge campaigns hosted on Okapi.

  3. Improved “New” and “Trending”: We've enhanced the 'New' and 'Trending' sections for a more user-friendly experience, making it easier to discover recent and authentic reviews.


  1. Invite-Only Beta Launch: Private Alpha users have the privilege to invite their friends to Okapi Beta.

  2. Revamped Rewards System: We've revamped our rewards system to introduce a brand new level structure, and we're putting the spotlight on content popularity & quality. As user ascend through the levels, they'll unlock a variety of exclusive benefits and rewards. User contribution in Private Alpha has been mapped across into the new Beta system.


  1. 📱Mobile Version Enhancements:

  • Email Login: Now, you can easily log in using your email directly from your mobile device. Quick, simple, and secure!

  • Browse Reviews on the Go: Stay informed and connected wherever you are. Our improved mobile version lets you effortlessly browse through reviews anytime, anywhere.

  • Search Projects with Ease: Finding the information you need is faster than ever. Our enhanced search function helps you quickly locate specific projects right from your phone.

  • Keep Your Profile Up-to-Date Effortlessly: Edit your profile details smoothly and conveniently from your mobile device.


  1. Connect Multiple Wallets in 'My Profile': In our continuous effort to enhance your experience, we have introduced a feature that allows you to connect multiple wallets to your 'My Profile' section. This exciting update means you can now aggregate your on-chain reputation seamlessly.

  2. Integration with Privy for Okapi Wallet: We are thrilled to announce our integration with Privy, enabling users to set up and use an Okapi wallet. This wallet is specially designed to receive rewards within our platform.


  1. More Ways to Sign In: To provide you with a smoother and more flexible sign-in experience, we've now added the ability to sign in using WalletConnect.

  2. Revamped Badge System: We've made some exciting updates to our badge system!

    1. Three Tiers of Recognition: Both the Influencer and User badges now come in three tiers, celebrating your growth and engagement at every level.

    2. New 'Degen' Badge: Show off your on-chain prowess with our new three-tiered Degen badge, which reflects the transaction fees you've spent on-chain.

    3. Improved UI/UX for Badge Minting: After generating new badges, you are able to view a summary of new badges you just minted.

  3. Notification Center Upgrades: We're making it easier to stay connected and informed.

    1. Grouped Messages: Replies from the same review will now be grouped for your convenience.

    2. New Follow Alerts: Get notified instantly when you have a new follower—never miss a beat!

    3. Quick Profile Access: Clicking a profile picture in the notification center now takes you straight to that user's homepage.


  1. Email Sign-In Feature: You can now use your email to sign in, making the process smoother and more convenient for you.

  2. Net Upvotes Clarification: We've made it more transparent to understand how net upvotes work. Now, you can view the number of upvotes and downvotes separately on My Okapi page, giving you a comprehensive insight into the community's response to your content.

  3. All-Inclusive 'New' Section: Our 'New' section has been revamped to be even more inclusive. It now showcases every post, regardless of whether they have badges or not. This means even more content to explore and engage with!

Dive in and enjoy these new additions and improvements! As always, your feedback is invaluable to us. Keep exploring and sharing your thoughts! Cheers!


  1. New Follow Function: Now, you are able to follow other users and be followed by them.

  2. Trendy Creators Leaderboard: We have replaced the Top Contributors Leaderboard with the Trendy Creators Leaderboard. Rankings are now based on upvotes received in the past 24 hours, rather than on points. You can still view the Most Points Leaderboard on the Discovery page under “Leaderboard.”

  3. Updated 'New' and 'For You' Sections: In the 'New' section, you can now filter content by badge type. In the 'For You' section, you will see content created by people you follow. Additionally, you will be notified for new posts in both 'New' and 'Trending' sections.

  4. Notification Centre Update: The Notification Centre has been updated to allow you to preview the contents of replies when you receive one.

  5. Automatic Badge Attachment for Reviews: When you write a review, relevant badges will now be automatically attached, and no need for manual selection anymore.

  6. “Bearish Only” and “Bullish Only” Filters: These new filters have been added to the My Project page for your convenience.

  7. Earn Points for Author Replies: Receive 100 points whenever you receive a reply from an author. Start replying and engaging with others to earn more!


  1. We have changed the rewards for receiving upvotes from 100 points per 5 upvotes to 500 points per 5 upvotes - this is to reward diligent creators who continuously produce quality contents! shout out to them!

  2. Trending has been updated to have read contents sink to the bottom- so that when you re-enter the section, you can see new contents that you have not read yet. Enjoy discovering!


We've made some updates in past 2 days based on the feedback we received from the community, we are doing this to ensure everyone has a better experience with Okapi and users are rewarded for creating high quality contents.

  1. After onboarding you'll earn 100 points for every 5 received upvotes, so that authors are rewarded for their high quality contents!

  2. We've added HOT section for replies in reviews, and you can easily navigate those comments being replied by author.

  3. All leaderboards will be refreshed every hour, so that you can see most recent updates on user ranking in 4 dimensions.

  4. Self-voting is not allowed anymore, in order to prevent bot gaming the rewards system.

  5. For same reason, user is allowed to write only 1 review for each dapp.

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