Rewarding User Experience

Okapi Drops is a unique marketplace that allows projects to reward their most valuable users directly. This platform fosters an environment where experienced users are encouraged to explore new projects thanks to a variety of incentives such as tokens, NFTs, points, whitelist spots, or exclusive discord roles.

Example Drops:

1. DEX AWESOME: Rewarding Trading Excellence

  • Offer: Extra token bonuses

  • Eligibility: Users holding 5 or more DEX User Badges, recognizing their proficiency as traders.

2. NFT Marketplace: Exclusive Access for NFT Enthusiasts

  • Offer: Whitelist spots

  • Eligibility: Users who possess more than 10 NFT Holder Badges, underscoring their experience and success within the NFT space.

With Okapi Drops, projects can effortlessly connect with and reward their top users, fostering a tighter-knit community and encouraging continued engagement.

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