Project Listing

Getting your project listed on Okapi

Benefits of Listing Your Project on Okapi

  • Presence on Partner Ecosystem Explorer: Enhance visibility by appearing on our Partner Ecosystem Explorer page.

  • Featured Listing: Gain additional exposure by being featured in the "Newly Listed" section of our website.

  • Customer Feedback: Benefit from receiving reviews, allowing you to improve and adapt your project based on user feedback.

How to List Your Project

  • Open to All: Anyone is welcome to submit new projects for consideration.

  • No Listing Fees: There are no charges associated with listing your project on Okapi.

Submission Instruction

  1. Sign up to an Okapi account

  2. Head to Explore and click on "Submit dApp" on the top right

  3. Fill in the form and click on submit. Our team processes new listings daily so there might be a delay.

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