Review Minting Issues

Common issues

Error: The current chain of the wallet (id: 1) does not match the target chain for the transaction (id: 59144 - Linea Mainnet).

This is normally caused by having conflicting wallet extensions in your browser.

  • Disable the wallet extensions you are not using

  • Refresh the page and mint again

Error: Invalid parameters were provided to the RPC method. Double-check you have provided the correct parameters.

This is a compatibility issue caused by a underlying attestation that we used. The team is working on a fix to replace it. Please follow updates in our Discord for future updates.

In the meantime, you can try the following method to mitigate the issue:

  • Try a different browser

  • Write a new review and click mint again

  • Log out and log back in to mint again

Error: Cannot convert undefined to a Bigint

This is a rare issue that happens with unique setups. Please contact a member of the team in Discord to help you resolve this.

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