The Okapi Badge System is designed to showcase user credibility and reputation in the web3 world. Awarded based on your on-chain and off-chain experiences, it serves as a symbol of trustworthiness in the Okapi community.

Granting access to special rewards

Giving you access to special rewards as a valued reputable user. See Drops for more details.

Validating the insights you contribute (reviews)

Attach your Okapi Badge to your reviews to showcase your expertise and enhance the reliability of your contributions.

  • A User Badge is earned by demonstrating your on-chain interaction history with the projects listed below.

  • A Degen Badge is earned based on your overall on-chain activity, as indicated by the cumulative transaction fees spent.

  • An Influencer Badge is earned through demonstrated social impact, validated by a minimum amount of X followers as set below.

  • A Community Badge is earned through proof of community contribution, including NFT ownership or Discord activities associated with the projects listed below.

  • A Holder Badge is earned by demonstrating ownership of token assets issued by the projects listed below.

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