B² Testnet Dapp Safari (Ended)

To register for the campaign, you must complete two tasks:

  1. Follow B² and Okapi Twitter accounts. Please connect your Twitter account to complete this task.

  1. Write a review for B² dApps with community badge attached.

To write a review on Okapi, you need to unlock level 1 by completing level 0 tasks.

If you do not have project community badge yet.

  1. Disconnect your discord on My Profile page if you already connected; start from 2 if you haven't connected yet;

  2. Join project discord server, i.e. if you want to write a review for rhino.fi, join their discord server;

  3. Connect your Discord account to Okapi on My Profile page.

  4. Collect your community badges on My Badges page https://app.okapi.xyz/user/my-badges and click on “Mint/Update My Okapi Reputation Vault”

  1. Click “Check My Eligibility” to register for the campaign - NFT will be airdropped to your wallet later!

Please contact the team in Okapi Discord community for further questions.

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